Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 5, 28 Sep 08, Groton CT to Portsmouth NH

Rain, rain, go away! We are getting soooo tired of rain. We left last Wednesday, woke up to rain Thursday morning and have had rain constantly ever since. This morning we woke up after sleeping in, and had to fill our water tanks. Of course I had to do this in the rain. Also today was check-out day and they had both dump stations closed. I told the trash man as he came by that I had a problem as we were leaving but I had full gray and black water tanks. He said the dumps were closed because of all the rain and the sewer system wasn't working, but they were using their "Honey Wagon" for people departing, so he went and told the wagon operator to put us on the list. He finally showed up and we got out of there around 12:30 PM.

From there we made a leisurely trip up I-95 through Providence, RI and around Boston, MA.

A couple of times while we were in Massachusets we got off the interstate to see if there was any decent prices for gas away from the interstate. We saw some beautiful scenery and New England style homes, which Barbara in particular really enjoyed.

We got off the interstate at Exit 1 (Seabrook) in New Hampshire and found the cheapest gas we've seen so far on this trip. So we stopped and filled up with $3.399 gas. We stayed on Route 1 the rest of the 15 miles to Portsmouth, NH and made it to our dear friends, Kate and Steve's, in Portsmouth.

We had a great visit for a while and then went to Kittery, ME to the Weathervane and had some outstanding clam chowder and fish and chips. The best we've had since we were in Alaska last year.

We ran out of time to get pictures up, although Barbara worked on them on the way here, so hopefully tomorrow.

By the way, the temperatures have been mostly in the 60's: mid to high 60's during the day and mid to low 60's at night. Humidity has been 150% (just kidding), but unfortunately the very high humidity makes the bedding and towels feel so damp. But it's not warm enough to run the AC to dry out the interior air.

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