Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 4, 27 Sep 08, Groton CT

Well today did not go as planned. It was raining like crazy when I got up at 8:30. Barbara woke up a little later and had a migraine, so I let her sleep. Turned out we did not make the wive's or business meeting, but apparently we did not miss out on a whole lot. The Executive Committee will decide where the next NAUTILUS reunion will be hald. There was a mention of Pigeon Forge, TN. That would be great for us since we live only about 1 1/2 hours from there.

This afternoon we drove around Mystic and Old Mystic Seaport in the rain. It is a beautiful area. Tonight was the main event and banquet with several speakers. It was a great event and the organizers did a fantastic job and had good speakers. I got to meet the co-author of "The Ice Diaries" (a book written by Capt William Anderson about the trip under the North Pole and co-authored by Don Keith) who Barbara saw yesterday and got him to sign our copy of the book. Turns out he is also a ham radio operator, so hopefully I'll get to talk to him on the air in the future.

There we over 300 in attendance tonight. Of the 65 PANOPOS (acronym for Pacific to Atlantic via the North Pole) still alive, 36 were present at tonight's reunion!

Hopefully tomorrow we'll get some pictures up.

P.S. I've read "The Ice Diaries" and I highly recommend eveyone to read it. It's oustanding. Click on the name "The Ice Diaries" above and it will take you to Don Keith's webpage and tell you a little about the book and how to buy it.

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